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Sunday, January 21, 2007

This week on TNNW

Articles for the week of 1/21/2007

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Professional Referral Exchange
By Mid-Atlantic Bureau Chief Paul Morris

My friend Matthew Best, politics editor with The National NetWorker, introduced me to an organization he belongs to: Professional Referral Exchange. PRE has 45 chapters in Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and five more chapters are currently being organized.

Houston's one-stop networking source
By Southern Plains Bureau Chief Peter Biadasz

Wouldn’t it be convenient to go to one source in your town to learn about every meeting of every organization and all business-to-business networking activities? An "information central" source would save each of us a lot of time in researching the best place to be to grow our business and expand our network most efficiently.

Houston, Texas has such a resource, and it may be coming to a town near you in the future.

Adelante! Moving forward with Hispanic Chambers
Minority Networking Editor Maria Elena Duron

A growing Hispanic population drives the increase in Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. (The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce held its largest annual conference this fall in Philadelphia, with record-breaking attendance and sponsorship procurement.)

From large companies hoping to tap into the amazing purchasing power of this demographic to the emerging Hispanic business market, people gather to connect at Hispanic Chamber events.

The Commission Project and Swing n' Jazz
By Arts Editor Sian Lindermann

Jazz music is an authentic American art form, and is among our greatest cultural achievements. Born of a multi-hued society, Jazz music unites people across the divides of race, region and national boundaries, and makes a powerful statement about freedom, creativity, and American identity.

This American cultural heritage is perpetuated with the continuing work of The Commission Project, founded by Ned Corman and is based out of Rochester, New York.

The "Super Bowl" of networking
By Sports Editor Scott Manthorne

As the premier sports event in the world, the Super Bowl takes on a life of its own. It’s hosted in Miami this year on Feb. 4, and more than half a million people are expected to descend on the city and its suburbs for up to a week. Most important, perhaps, is the positive economic impact, estimated at $250 to $400 million.

Through a complicated process, the NFL selects cities well in advance of the game. This allows local organizing committees to begin planning all the activities surrounding the game. Often, more than 5,000 volunteers are needed to handle logistics, support, marketing, and many other activities.

20 ways to build credibility in business and in the community: Part 1

JetNetting ™ With Heshie Segal

In last month’s column I discussed the "real person"—who you are, in or out of the workplace, which is the key to all relationships you build.

Because credibility is the foundation of any solid relationship, I’m going to share 20 ways to build this credibility in business and in the community—ten ways this month and ten next month.

The Powerthought of the Week: Networking building
By Patricia Parham, Ph.D.,
Contributing Writer

The power of redundancy

In some areas of infrequently used resources, such as IT support or training, it is best to have a pool of resources from which to draw. Consider building redundancy into your network to meet immediate needs for which the providers are not on retainer and used routinely. In situations where you do not have preferred customer status, you are more powerful when you have alternatives to quickly meet emergent needs.

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