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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This week on TNNW

New articles for the week of 1/14/2007

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Inspiring Networkers: Rainmakers
by Great Lakes Bureau Chief Mark Sturgell

It started with an idea: "Make Networking Fun AND Productive."

Can a philosophy grow your business? That’s the question Rainmakers—perhaps the fastest-growing networking organization in Indiana—continues to ask four years later.

Networking in Sacramento
by Southwest Bureau Chief Bette Daoust, Ph.D.

There’s gold in them thar hills—networking gold, that is.

Sacramento is the capital of California and presents many opportunities to network at different levels. Yes, there are Chambers of Commerce and other associations, but you’ll also have an opportunity to network with government officials and business owners who cater to government workers.

Darity Wesley: guardian of all things "e-portant" by Legal Editor Scott R. Forcino, Esq.

Darity Wesley, Esq., is a "privacy guru" with the San Diego-based firm of Privacy Solutions. She’s on the leading edge of personal privacy, information security, and Internet legal issues.

Being in touch has sure gotten easier. Technology can keep you in touch perhaps more than you want to be. That’s great for business, because you can make presentations from any coffee shop or restaurant, but technology can be a curse and a blessing at the same time. A backup solution or work-around is becoming increasingly important as we rely on technology.

What if you could network for free?
by Entrepreneurial Editor Jan Altman

Free Networking International makes it both possible and probable that we'll all be doing it like this some day

This is one of those stories that will make you say, "I wish I'd thought of that," or perhaps even "Yeah, I already thought of that." Well, fortunately for the rest of us, David Doerges thought of it and acted upon it. Once you learn how this man is actually living out his 2005 New Year's resolution, you'll jump to be a part of his network.

Getting unstuck
NetWork Marketing Editor Candy Webb

This month’s article continues the theme of developing the strategic plan and getting started in the right direction for the new year.

Do you feel as if you’re dead in the water? You’re committed to your goals and your company and to achieving financial independence, and you love the products, but maybe you’re not moving forward at the pace you’d like? This article will help you move forward quickly.

Networking Success: Trends in Business Networking
by Ivan Misner, Ph.D.

In the early 1980s, John Naisbitt wrote in Megatrends about the emerging importance of the networking process in society. Later, Tom Peters wrote in Thriving on Chaos that this "process can be systematized."

When you stop to think about it, these two statements weren’t made all that long ago. Networking and relationship marketing is a fairly new kid on the block. From the mid 80s to the 90s, systems and structures began to emerge that shifted a lot of business owners from a single-minded focus of direct selling to a broader scope which included relationship marketing and networking.

People, Power & Possibilities: Starting the year off with good intentions
by Donna Fisher

We typically start each new year off with such good intentions—yet even the best of intentions cannot always guarantee the desired results.

One of the best predictors of achieving the desired results is accountability to self and others. Calling on your network to be your framework for accountability and results can make a huge difference in the longevity of your good intentions.

Nurture your networks

Powerthought of the Week by Patricia Parham, Ph.D.

As you reflect on your best networks, conduct a quick assessment of the balance in the relationships. Are you giving as much as you receive? Is the relationship in balance, benefiting both parties in ways that each values and appreciates? Take the time to ensure that you exchange quantity and quality equitably. When you do, your networks are strong and healthy and powerful!

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