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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thanksgiving Week at TNNW

New This Week on TNNW:

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"Inspiring NetWorkers: Indiana", by Great Lakes Bureau Chief MARK STURGELL
What is blue or brown and smells of coffee?
That’s how Marty Cotterman describes one of his formative networks – the law enforcement officers of Lafayette, Indiana. Becoming a cop at age 21 taught Marty the power of relationships that he has relied upon ever since. Now Marty, popularly known in Central Indiana as "The Alarm Guy", is a consultant for a security company, is a director for Business Network International (BNI) and continues to prove why he is one of our Great Lakes Inspired NetWorkers.
"NetWorking Hollywood Style", by Southwestern Bureau Chief BETTE DAOUST
Is there a difference in how you network in Hollywood? You bet there is and what a difference! Today I had the privilege to interview Bette Jean French from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Bette Jean was in the middle of organizing a fund raiser for the Chamber for the Chamber’s foundation – the first Chamber to have their own 501 (c) (3). And, I have also discovered that this Chamber does more than a regular mixer to encourage networking.
"Deborah A. Scalise, Esq.", by Legal Editor SCOTT R. FORCINO
The issue of networking amongst professionals arose when discussing client referrals with an attorney. Normally networking is a required effort to gain prominence in one’s field and become a "go to guy" in a profession. Members of several professions, in this case the legal profession, come with ethical canons that govern attorney conduct, including advertising/solicitation. These canons severely narrow the permissible forms of advertising or statements that are allowed concerning attorney advertising. As such, the avenue most useful for attorneys is an educational and informational approach. In the narrative below I describe an attorney who uses these opportunities to attract clients and enhance her professional image.
"Technology Vendors MUST Network to do Their Job", by Technical Editor MIKE O'NEIL
Technology professionals, vendors especially, need to network more than most business professionals. Why? Simply out, most technology projects require more than one vendor to complete them. Seldom can one vendor can pull it all off by themselves.
"Building Business Through Podcasting", by Entrepreneurial Editor JAN ALTMAN
How Bonnie Dillabough and Denise Bach Are Using Social Networking to Make YOU an Internet Star
I’ve always considered myself to be rather advanced when it comes to computer knowledge. I spent many years as an Excel and Word expert, I’ve trained high-level executives, and one of my Excel books can still be found on Amazon. I’ve even been known to tweak the Windows Registry without a single change to my pulse rate. But my interview with Denise Bach and Bonnie Dillabough of Podstar Network sure put me in my place! I was definitely knocked down a peg, realizing how very little I really do know about the world of today’s Internet.
"The Right Choice, Part 4: Your Upline Coach and Support", by NetWork Marketing Editor CANDY WEBB
When I began this series of articles four issues ago – Making the Right Choice in Network Marketing – it was because not only is this a crucial topic, but also because it is not a simple yes or no proposition. The "right choice" as we explored is, in fact, dependent on many things not the least of which is who YOU are, and what YOU want. The four separate articles: (1) Compensation and Structure; (2) The Right Product Line; (3) Doing Your Due Diligence; and this month's (4) Your Upline Coach and Support may not cover every question that comes into play in your decision, but certainly should cover the major points that are critical to your success.
"NetBeing", by Contributing Writer RON SUKENICK
Taking Your Personal and Professional Relationships to the Next Level
My previous article presented five relationship factors. In this article we are looking at the history of networking to further establish the underpinnings for NetBeing, while clarifying the distinction between networking and NetBeing. Historical perspective will provide insight and move us forward toward this new paradigm. In short, knowing where we’ve been helps us know where we are going and why.
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Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful staff of writers, editors, supporters and of course you, the readers! Without you, none of this would be possible.

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