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Monday, November 22, 2010

TNNWC UPDATE BULLETIN! Survey Results, New Features, Benefits and More - 11.22.2010


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TNNWC UPDATE Bulletin - News, Trends, Leads, Intel and Tools You Can Use.- 11.22.2010

To all of our Readers, Members, Clients, Partners and Friends -

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, and express our gratitude for your contributions, faith, loyalty, suggestions, criticisms... and mostly for being who you are:

The Initiators, the Innovators, the Creators, The Non-Conformists, the Entrepreneurs, the Leaders of Emerging Enterprises, the Daredevils who put everything into their start-ups, the Owners of today's small businesses who will be the Captains of tomorrow's BIG BUSINESS...

Who ever dreamed that a company could be created where entrepreneurs would provide vital information and crucial services to other entrepreneurs? We did. So did YOU.

Who ever cared enough about the World, its economy and its peoples that they wanted to create the first Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community? We did. So did YOU.

Who had the vision to see that we would have to help each other to help ourselves? We did. So did YOU.

Who refused to accept the notion that peace and prosperity could not exist together, at the same time? We did So did YOU.

Who were the first to understand that the time-honored paradigms of "Divide and Conquer," and "The Zero-Sum Game" had failed us, and the new model, the new paradigm would allow us to retain our individuality, but would require that we join forces cooperatively in collaboration to create synergy and harmony? We did. So did YOU.

Who were the earliest adopters of the notion of UNITE AND DOMINATE? We were. And so were you.

Together we are a force to be reckoned with. It is the entrepreneurial enterprise, in spirit and in form that will create productivity, full employment, meaningful work, prosperity and sustainable peace.

We are strongest together, and have a great deal to be thankful for in one another.


Savvy CEOs of emerging enterprises understand that revenue doesn't just generate itself unless your clients have the quickest and easiest access to your products and services. Whether through call center operations, during face-to-face interactions, or over your website, the best customer experience equals sales generated. For this very reason, TNNWC has launched their new Customer Experience Practice (CEP) under the leadership of Divisional President/Client Services Executive, Mark Blankenship. Mark and his team bring considerable leadership and experience and are happy to help TNNWC's members.

For more information about the CEP, please click here.


If your enterprise doesn't have sufficient capital it will fail. The problem is that recent regulations have made it harder than ever to get financing through traditional institutions. The other issue is that most CEOs don't understand various nuances of alternative financing (angel investors, venture capital, factoring, asset-based lines of credit, purchase order financing, etc.) and how to take advantage of them. TNNWC's Specialized Financing and Credit Enhancement Program does two crucial things: 1.) finds quickest and most appropriate way to financing, and 2.) links you directly to the right capital sources. Under the leadership of Divisional President/Client Services Executive, Tom Guckin, we will get you the financing you need for your business.

For more information about our Specialized Financing And Credit Enhancement Program, please click here.


Another new financial-based service TNNWC is offering its members is the Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program, in which qualified applicants can get financed $100,000 up to $10 million and pay back their investors through quarterly revenue-based royalties. One of TNNWC's Selected Service Providers, Gist Video provided a new "napkin" video that outlines the program...

TNNWC is currently looking for a Divisional President/Client Services Executive for this Program. If you feel you have the expertise, the experience and the desire to be of service to the entrepreneurial community, please click here for more information about this rare partnering opportunity.

For more information about the TNNWC Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program, please click here.

SURVEY RESULTS ARE IN! - TNNWC MINI-SURVEY #9: What Percentage of Your Waking Time Do You Spend Worrying About Money and Finances?

The Survey results are in, and the results are very telling, indeed. Here is a review of the original Survey:

The Results were as follows:

1) 48 total respondents.

2) 2 left written comments: "Sometimes I feel like I spend so much time worrying about my personal and business finances that I barely have enough time or energy left to do my work." and:

"I spend too much time trying to refinance, renegotiate and rearrange my business loans and credit lines. It kills my creativity."

3) Out of 48 respondents, the individual responses were broken down as follows:

  • 3 individuals spent 5% of less of their time worrying about finances;
  • 5 individuals spent between 5% and 10% of their time worrying about finances;
  • 12 individuals spent between 10% and 25% of their time worrying about finances;
  • 23 individuals spent between 25% and 50% of their time worrying about finances;
  • 5 individuals spent in excess of 50% of their time worrying about finances.

TNNWC's Cooperative Business Community (CBC) is for those qualifying member companies who wish to exponentialize growth through combining their client lists without having to merge them. Collaboration beats Competition! --- get your message out to a giant and growing list of prospects. Save several years of prospecting and several thousand dollars in SEO.

Special Announcement: Please be advised that the annual Membership fee of $400.00 will not be charged to any Member who joins prior to January 1st, 2011. You'll enjoy a full free year of The Cooperative Business Committee, without any obligation to pay first dues until 2012! Now's the time to join!

Cooperative Business Community -Be GIANT FAST.


Q: What Was "The Thinker" Thinking?

Putting Your Own Captions On Other People's Photos!

Mad Marketing requires an almost sociopathic willingness to do anything in the interest of getting attention for you, your brand, your product or your service. A street-lethal gutsy slogan, a mascot (preferably a talking animal -- skip the pile of money with the googly eyes -- it had no character to it and it wasn't working for them phase it out), an insignia, a unique typestyle, a celebrity endorsement, a spokesperson with a very memorable voice (like that lady with the obtrusive, offensive, grating but genuine Brooklyn, New York accent who used to do those SNAPPLE commercials) or a re-captioned or altered picture.

Any enthusiastic marketing maniac with Picassa or Photoshop software can snag photos (these should be preferably either classic or shocking but non-pornographic images), and put labels on them. A photograph with an embedded caption works best. A photograph with a highly unexpected or absurd caption works even better. Yes indeed -- better than the best.

Now that you've heard this, you'll want to experiment. If you are not a completely brilliant innovative witty individual, you'll want to investigate using one of the services offered by TNNWC Group, such as:

Just for educational purposes, I have put a number of these completely and irreverently adulterated photos taken from my personal collection (carefully maintained in my linen closet, downstairs, next to my almost untouched toolkit) here on display; each has served me very well in a buzz, branding or media campaign. They have invited attention, controversy, and sparked debate --- but I received my attention!


Douglas Castle

Visit us at

TNNWC Group, LLC, in Brief

TNNWC Group, LLC empowers emerging enterprises locally, worldwide and inter-globally by providing 1) informational publications and products; 2) an indispensible suite of crucial, unparalleled services for business planning, development, growth, marketing and capitalization, which are offered to all of our Members who are all 3) interactively involved within a growing, mutually-supportive collaborative, cooperative community of individuals and businesses. We are run by entrepreneurial people, and we live to serve entrepreneurial people and the business initiated through their inspiration… from the garage-based technological start-up, to the “small business” wanting to break free of its limitations and grow larger at an accelerated but sustainable pace. We Empower Emerging Enterprises™ - not with “happy talk” and “grandiose ideas”… but with real tools and expert interpersonal guidance to use each of them for their optimal effectiveness. Visit us at TNNWC Group, LLC. - Join us. We have so much to offer you. Our philosophy is simple: UNITE AND CONQUER.


Now, Dear Readers; ENJOY THE ARTICLES.

With all of our best,

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle

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