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Monday, October 25, 2010

TNNWC UPDATE BULLETIN - News, Trends, Ideas and Intelligence - 10.25.2010


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TNNWC Update Bulletin! News,  Trends,  Ideas,  and Intelligence at 10.25.2010





TNNWC has a growing Suite of Services. Each of these Services must be led and coordinated by a Client Service Executive (“CSE”)/ Divisional President.


Just as in many large corporations, these “captains” each run their own show and take responsibility for the marketing, delivery, quality and monitoring of the Services and personnel in their charge. But we don’t hire them and put them on a salary and hand them a budget. We are far too entrepreneurial for that kind of thing…and we do not want to attract non-entrepreneurial Divisional Presidents, either. We want individuals who have extensive knowledge of the product area, and who have gone through the rigors of running their own businesses – from scratch. What we offer them are phenomenal marketing (through the internet, social media and sales personnel) through our organization, great selected Services, unsurpassed team support and the opportunity to actually be PARTNERED with TNNWC in their respective Divisions.


Simply, this means that we co-venture with every single one of our Divisional Presidents, and they share in the profitability (with TNNWC) of their Service Divisions. Our terms with our Partners are negotiable, and the potential for their success is limitless. We provide all of the support and materials; we recruit (or assign) exceptionally motivated people to work with and for them. They earn their fortunes through sweat equity. They benefit by being a part of our collaborative enterprise and brand, and we benefit because they are self-motivated initiators and leaders.


As a CSE and Divisional President we don’t ask for a “buy-in” with money. We ask that you take ownership, take command, and provide our Members with exceptional service --- as if your career depended upon it. You must be an expert, an entrepreneur and a true leader.


Every Service Division is actually run as a partnership between an exceptional individual and TNNWC Group, LLC. We have some ground rules. We have some stringent ethical and legal guidelines. We are obsessive about quality of both the Service being delivered, and of the satisfaction of our Clients and Members.


We are truly a collaborative “Partnership of Partnerships.” And we are owned and managed by tried and true entrepreneurs so that we can best serve the needs of entrepreneurial and emerging enterprises.


Again: TNNWC is owned and managed by entrepreneurs to best serve the needs of entrepreneurs. That’s our model. It works.











Just as in the case of aircraft engines, redundancy and multiple backup or alternative systems might be what you need, especially when so much of our business is either promoted or transacted through “free” or “inexpensive resources.” Companies such as Yahoo!, iContact, Blogger and other critical emailing, list management or posting platforms (most if not all of whom track your every computer move, profile you, and sell your information – just like MySpace’s most recent “confession” revealed) have the ability to suspend your account in a heartbeat because they have either received a complaint (whether meritorious or not) from someone about you and must “investigate,” or because one of their data tracking programs – the same ones that they use to accumulate an intelligence file on you and your surfing, searching and purchasing patterns – has determined (based upon some inflexible or flawed programming algorithm) that you are conducting your email or blogging activity as a “spammer.” Odds are that you are innocent of the accusation. Too bad.


They can literally shut you down for several days. And the burden is usually upon you to explain or beg forgiveness. By the time service is restored, you’ve likely lost some business and some credibility. Here are several suggestions to help you to navigate around these disasters until you can get them “fixed.”


1.     Even if you have your own proprietary ISP and email domain, have several email addresses, and keep an address book for each one. Some of the free services include,,, and To keep your email running, export all of your address books from each service, and import them all into the others. If they suspend your Yahoo, you’ve got gmail (as least for outbound correspondence). Usually this data export/import process is very quick and only entails the preparation and downloaded of an excel spreadsheet;


2.     Clone your blogs and websites, and cross-reference each on its respective clone. If you have a Blogger blog, clone it to WordPress, etcetera. Another good idea is to keep the names similar if this is possible. By the way, while WordPress is generally a heartier, more versatile blogging and posting platform, Blogger is owned by the folks at Google. You know…the same Google that has the world’s leading search engine, which hosts Ads (Google Adwords and Adsense) owns Feedburner, YouTube, and others… If you think that Google is completely fair in its SEO ranking and weighting, think again. There’s a bit of bias there;


3.     If your email management service (for example, “MailSchlepper™”) decides that they don’t want to mail your newsletter out until you explain to them why a woman emailed them from Turdistan and said that she received your newsletter about ladies’ loungewear even though she never subscribed for it through the double opt-in gauntlet, make certain that you’ve prepared a free-standing copy of your next newsletter (deluxe with Spam disclaimer and unsubscription information at the end), and prepare to use one of your web-based or other regular email services to send it either directly or as an attachment. The show must go on. And remember…back-up your subscriber list (via export) at regular intervals.


Don’t leave your fate, your data and your fortune in the hands of any one of these companies. As we used to say in the Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared!”












Soke Joseph L. Droual:


Soke Joseph L. Droual, one of the newest members of the TNNWC Buzzworks Team (learn more about Buzzology™, Buzz-To-Brand™ and other  highly cost-effective and powerful ways of harnessing the power of social media and the press by clicking on ) is an amazing individual. Not only is he a member of the U.S. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame (as an acknowledged master and expert in four different styles of martial arts, but he has an unwavering commitment to community service, education and empowerment…especially for women, children and the seniors among us. Soke is also the co-inventor of the Internal Energy Plus™ system of integrated body and mind training and entrainment. While Douglas Castle writes a blog about Internal Energy Plus™ which can be found at , the original concept and first exercises were developed by Joseph after his many years of experience with martial arts, Chi training and meditation.


Soke has been the successful proprietor a small business (The New York Martial Arts Hombu of Huntington, NY), is active in his chapter of the Local Chamber of Commerce, and understands the pitfalls and impediments that face entrepreneurial start-ups and emerging enterprises. He has organized neighborhood watch programs and public safety programs for many, many years.


Soke is a long-time supporter and contributor to TNNWC’s LINKS 4 LIFE blog, which can be found at, which is a major free public resource for help in all types of emergencies.


The NOWSA (the National Organization For Women’s Safety Awareness) is an organization dedicated to eliminating abuse, violence and discrimination against women of all ages through the United States and the rest of the world. The Group, which has its website at, is headed by Executive Director Ms. Lidia Szczepanowski, Esq., who was crowned Mrs. New York International in 2009. Soke Joseph Droual, a long-time proponent of women’s safety and protection, is an active advisor and supporter of the organization, and is directly involved in numerous of its projects, the most recent one themed “Voices For A Cause™.” Joseph’s website for his self-defense education and training center, which has been active since 1966, can be found at – unlike most martial arts-related websites, Soke’s site is filled with safety and self-defense tips for everyone. [To receive a complete .pdf download of the NOWSA news release document dated October 19th regarding Soke and NOWSA, either click on  or on (for those of you who prefer abbreviated urls).]


Currently, Soke Joe Droual is pivotally involved with Guardian Angels Founder Curtis Sliwa, Huntington Town officials, NY State legislators and local education administrators and faculty in a major initiative to keep middle- and high- schools in the Huntington Station area of Long Island, New York, safe from gang activity, bullying and violence. You can read more about these initiatives and about Soke's integral role in the “hands-on” self-defense training and non-violent conflict resolution in the following news articles:  and .




Jared DiCarmine:



Jared DiCarmine is the youngest member of our BUZZWORKS Team, and brings us new access and insights into the community of recent college graduates, and their feelings of disillusionment when they begin the inevitable job interview process. Jared is a true entrepreneur with an active personal training and private physical fitness practice, as well as a fast-growing internet-based business which he started on his own initiative.


Jared attended Springfield College, the actual birthplace not only of basketball, but one of the very first colleges to offer a concentration in the study of Exercise Physiology. He was the first in his class to be certified as a Personal Trainer through the NSCA (the National Strength and Conditioning Association) and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Exercise Science. He likes to take his knowledge of exercise physiology and nutritional performance and combine the two to bring his clients the fastest and best results possible within the shortest period of time. In his practice, he customizes regimens of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle for each of his individual clients in accordance with their existing state of health and their goals for becoming stronger and healthier.


This is primary reason he started his website, “Blow Torch Your Belly Fat” at  -- to help as many people around the world to get healthier while dispelling many of the common fat loss and fitness myths (usually quick “cure-alls,” consisting of either a dangerous diet, nutrients with some potentially deadly ingredients, or just certain narrowly-focused exercise systems or “miracle” exercise equipment) that are pumped and pushed on the radio, television, print media and Internet to an unsophisticated but increasingly overweight population every single day. Each article that Jared posts contains only the most essential information; no fluff, no false promises or lies, and no sugar coating – just the truth. And to prove that he wants to help people as much as possible, he also gives away his Triple Threat Fat Loss Manual as a free bonus. The Manual contains 90 pages of exercise, nutrition, and mental tricks, tips, and techniques that will help guide the reader to start losing weight and get on the accelerated track to enjoying optimal health.


In a recent conversation with Jared, he commented that he was rather disappointed to see so many of his peers graduating school and going directly on the “job interview circuit” instead of developing their own entrepreneurial enterprises based upon their interests, passions and dreams – this lack of entrepreneurial risk-taking “adventurer” mindset (especially when you are relatively young and your ordinary overhead expenses and obligations are fairly small; when you are in the best position to take chances and to try new things) is part of what has caused a degradation of productivity in the world’s industrial economies.


To all of you, we say this: keep an eye on Jared DiCarmine. Visit his website. Order his free book. Google him – he has a great attitude and is headed in a wonderful direction. Keep watching. Keep googling.












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Christine van Solinge

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Alex Moreno 

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Offering the most up-to-date info on the industry's newest and hottest products and services. Easy-to-use site Creative Handbook is available FREE to the industry anywhere, anytime!


Elta Boshard 

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A network for virtual learning; a supportive community for independent consultants, mentors / coaches, and Change/Organisational Development Practitioners.


Jay Robbins 

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It is a well-known fact that small businesses and startups in particular create the majority of the new jobs in this country. However according to the US Census for a decade the new business start rate was 10.4% that has dropped to 9.1%. We need more entrepreneurial superheroes and now. If you are one please feel free to wear your cap. Now is the best time to start a new entrepreneurial enterprise or to retrofit an existing company in the last 50 years. Isn’t it time to make your mark, and commence your own economic recovery program? It’s time to take a look at TNNWC’s Suite of Services --- they are coming out of our hidden underground bunker labs (located in Area 52…Area 51 was way overpriced and too noisy) and on their way to you.









The poem, titled “INVICTUS,” was written by William Ernest Henley (1849 – 1902). My late father had written the poem on a piece of paper and kept it in his wallet, although he knew all of the words by heart. I miss my father.



Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

-William Ernest Henley





Now you may enjoy The National Networker Weekly Newsletter.



With the promise of wonderful things to come,


Adam J. Kovitz, Douglas Castle, and the Growing TNNWC Team

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