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Sunday, October 10, 2010

TNNWC Update Bulletin! Developments at 10.11.2010 - Tastelessness Sells!


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TNNWC Update Bulletin! Developments at 10.11.2010


A slogan (although not officially endorsed by Rhonda L. Sher, The SLOGANATOR, and Featured Columnist for The National Networker Weekly Newsletter) for this week... "TASTLESSNESS SELLS." Also, SILLINESS SELLS. On a serious note, these are two means of getting attention to your brand and differentiating it from the established competition. In addition, when someone interviews you about why you've decided to do something seemingly shocking or insane, you'll will have a riveting personal interest story to tell! - DC

And now...


Contact Person: Adam J. Kovitz
Company Name: TNNWC Group, LLC / The National Networker Companies™
Telephone Number: 888.317.6495 (Extension 2)
Fax Number: 914.517.5944
Email Address:
Web site address:

Capitalizing Small Business and Emerging Enterprise: TNNWC Group’s Key to US Economic Prosperity

New York, NY, - October 6th – Douglas Castle, CEO of TNNWC Group, and the Founder of its Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program™ ( convinced that entrepreneurship and emerging businesses are the true engines of economic productivity, innovation, jobs creation and prosperity.

Along other TNNWC Board Members, Castle believes that these enterprises have been capital-starved for too long by risk-averse bankers, large-ticket investment houses and technology-obsessed venture capitalists. The government merely gives them lip service – but the bailouts go to the wasters.

Quoting Castle, “It’s a shame that these incredibly-efficient, resourceful small businesses have been deprived of capital for operations and growth. They are the backbone of any prosperous economy, and neither the government nor any of the “too big to fail” goliaths care about these diamonds in the rough.

“They [small businesses] also have the fundamentals necessary to generate tremendous cash-on-cash returns for private investors and institutions; these participants have had their portfolios decimated by market losses on publicly-traded stocks, miserable fund performance, and negligible returns on Treasury and bank debt issues.

“We’ve created a revolutionary program to provide private businesses with access to direct sources of private capital. Companies don’t waste time and money on futile underwriting processes for funds that never materialize. Investors get right in without the customary expense, volatility and indeterminate risk of ‘playing the markets’. Both parties can truly help each other, as they benefit the US economy at large.

“We have even developed an investment structure where these investors can actually get physical, annuitized cash returns from these participations.”

Through its Program, TNNWC is positioning itself to create an alternative capital market (private to private) where both providers and users of funds can be rewarded tremendously and where the entire economy will reap the benefits.

More details can be found about the Program at


Contact Person: Adam J. Kovitz
Company Name: TNNWC Group, LLC / The National Networker Companies™
Telephone Number: 888.317.6495 (Extension 2)
Fax Number: 914.517.5944
Email Address:
Web site address:

TNNWC: Building Entrepreneurial Collaboration Groups to Accelerate Business Breakthroughs.

Levittown, PA – October 7th -TNNWC Group, a firm which provides resources for planning, development, capitalization and growth for entrepreneurial and emerging enterprises ( has announced that it is aggressively seeking collaboration organizers, experts, advocates and thought leaders who are interested in writing (brief entries as part of a cooperative forum) and promoting their views about any of the topics below. Those individuals who are prepared to actually form collaborative groups and implement their ideas are particularly welcome:

1. Creation of collaborative organizations;
2. Leadership of collaborative organizations;
3. Collaboration software and technology;
4. Collaboration ideology, theory and philosophy;
5. Breakthrough thinking through collaboration;
6. Equitable (and practical) sharing of the efforts (costs) and benefits (profits) generated through the licensing or other utilization of intellectual property and other assets developed through the collaboration mechanism;
7. Trends and future predictions regarding the expansion of the practice of collaboration and/or the technology associated with it.

This effort has the promise of being very high-profile, and will likely involve the proactive involvement of a number of sponsoring organizations and academic institutions.

The Project will be called "Accelerated Breakthroughs™.”

TNNWC Group has indicated that participants will share directly in the profitability associated with any intellectual property, technologies, publications and any and all other benefits, both tangible and intangible, which may be associated with this cooperative effort.

If you would like to learn more about this TNNWC Group initiative, or if you wish to actually contribute to the group project, send your inquiries and expressions of interest directly to, and write the word “Collaboration” in the subject line of the pop-up form.



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Version .002 of TNNWC Group’s fully-featured, product- and service-loaded website was supposed to be up and running on October 1st. (hah) Well, it was supposed to be. Then again, my retirement fund was supposed to be worth millions, too, but that is taking somewhat longer than expected…and now, it's taking longer than the original length we had expected.

As it turns out, we are still in the process of finalizing some of the service details, adding some last-minute copy, and dealing with hosting and posting (H and P!) technologies that seem to be feuding with each other. For example: our graphics, logo and button providers (CoolText and Automotivator), Google/Blogger/Feedburner, Windows Live Spaces, MailChimp, and Yahoo! (and of course, the infamous Internet Explorer 8, which has everyone coughing up bile) are taking turns malfunctioning – at any given moment, one of these things will not be working properly. Now, somebody is making a big deal about migrating (like a flock of swallows headed for Capistrano) to a Wordpress-based platform.

Pursuant to Murphy’s Law, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Mercury in retrograde, and other immutable laws of real life, as soon as we fix one problem, another glitch rears its ugly head. It’s like playing a high-stakes game of Whack-A-Mole, or doing that trick where you have to juggle spinning plates on top of long sticks while they play that irritating music in the background.

The good news is that Membership is absolutely exploding – the bad news is that our servers are approaching critical mass, and are acting up.

The Bottom Line: Please bear with us, and try to be patient while we fix all of our glitches and get all of our moving parts to be working in synergistic harmony. In the meanwhile, expect an occasional bit of chaos. We now "expect" to be out of the womb (by C-Section) (out of the gate, out of the chute, out of the barn, etcetera) by [cue drum roll]…November 1st! (October 15th is someone's bridal shower, or something -- everybody's having a vacation. Don't these people realize how lucky they are to have their flippin' jobs?) So much for a "strive and succeed" work ethic.

Thank you for your patience, for being a part of our Community, and for your support and valuable input. You are appreciated indeed!

Douglas Castle,
CEO and Co-Chairman
Douglas Castle
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Now, enjoy the Featured Columns!
With Far Greater Things to Come* for all of our Members,

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle

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*This is a bit of an hyperbole. Did we hear someone utter ""?

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