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Saturday, September 25, 2010



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Dear Readers:

Q: Why Should You Join TNNWC?

The question would seem to be a simple one, but one that must be answered fully and respectfully nonetheless. When we, as the captains and commanders of entrepreneurial ventures, emerging enterprises and growing companies are being called to action, we do not simply jump.

In a situation of limited time, tight capital and general uncertainty, we have to ration and invest our resources very carefully. Very few of us are busily shopping for things (yachts, private islands, purloined Picassos, and the like) to buy with the $10.0 billion non-performance bonus awarded to us by ourselves, courtesy of the Fed (or some other governmental agency which plays dangerous games with paper that can catastrophically affect Human Lives) because we were deemed "too big to fail."

I'm not worried about about how to dispose of my vast wealth -- I am far more concerned (as many of you are) about how to intelligently invest my scant resources in generating income and wealth, using my business as a tool in order to achieve these two simple things. And after those two things are accomplished, I will be very, very careful about how I invest my winnings - I won't get fooled again.

Why should you join TNNWC now? We'll make a list:

1. Membership is truly free. You will receive two of our award-winning publications, The National Networker Weekly Newsletter and The BLUE TUESDAY Report, plus special offers, breaking news, industry intelligence and offers to join collaborative communities and build teams. No nonsensical, purposeless, long-winded, "feel good" meetings -- we won't ever waste your time. When you receive bulletins from us, they will be important, relevant and helpful. No spam. No speed-dating parties. No unemployed former middle-management types trying to steal the woeful remains of your precious money. "Free," at least in the case of TNNWC Group Membership, actually means "Immeasurably Valuable." Truly Priceless.

2. The benefits and access to powerful, rapid-acting, unique business-building resources and qualified contacts for business planning, lead generation, market development, publicity, branding, and capital (real funds at real terms for real companies) are readily available to Members. TNNWC Group, LLC is a publisher, news aggregator, industry intelligence agency, services and capital provider and a nexus of collaboration. We coordinate groups which work harmoniously and synergistically to benefit all participants. Each new Member multiplies our "mind mass."

3. If you don't join now, you'll continue to miss all of the advantages of membership -- the longer it takes you to step on board and be a part of a greater whole, the more opportunities you will miss. And time is money. Missed opportunities are losses. Refer you friends, associates and colleagues to join us, and you'll have done them a solid favor - they will thank you.

Incidentally, there is an additional benefit to JOINING today... we're giving away a signing-on bonus worth more than $200.00. Now hear this!

Sign up NOW and we’ll give your website or blog a FREE MINI-MEDIA BUZZ BLITZ (greater than a $200 value) to boost your SEO and traffic. What does this gift include? [cue drumroll and marching band]:

"The Mini-Media BUZZ BLITZ TREATMENT* includes 1) submission of your site/ name and brand to in excess of 1.000 search engines (including Google, Bing and Alexa); 2) referencing of your site to more than 40 social bookmarking services; 3) creating a backlink to your site on one of our own media sites; and 4) issuing a News Release Brief announcing your Membership and including some brief information on your company, site or brand. It is our way of saying "thank you" for becoming a part of our Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community (GICBC). And, by the way, if you qualify, you may be able to join our Cooperative Business Community -- a growing group of entrepreneurs, publishers, service providers, networking forum operators and other "people" persons who are combining their opt-in email lists in order to get each Member's message out to millions of potential direct prospects. Sounds good, eh? You've got to love the leverage and power in working with very large audiences."

The Mini-Media BUZZ BLITZ is the baby cousin of some of our more advanced and comprehensive TNNWC BUZZWORKS campaigns which you can explore at

Frankly, it is just too good an offer to pass up. Read the next section carefully to determine which of the two options apply to you:

1.) If you're not already a member and want your complimentary Mini-Media BUZZ BLITZ:
Join Us (no-charge) at After submitting your application, you will be prompted to fill in your website or blog that you want BLITZED!
2.) If you're already a member, but are feeling left out because the Mini-Media BUZZ BLITZ wasn't available when you joined:
DON'T WORRY - We never leave our faithful colleagues behind! Unfortunately, you can't re-join -- but what you can do is refer three (3) new Members to us, and provided that they sign on and that each of the three list your name as the referring source, we'll give you your very own Mini-Media BUZZ BLITZ, albeit belatedly.
We even have created a form for you to DEMAND your Mini-Media BUZZ BLITZ as soon as you've picked your three referred Members, so that we can be forewarned! If you take a peek at the form, you'll see that we offer an even greater bounty for a larger number of referrals. Take a look at: . Then, come on back.

Now how about reading the articles?

With All Good Thoughts, and in the Spirit of Entrepreneurship,

Adam J. Kovitz and Douglas Castle - 09.27.2010

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