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Sunday, August 01, 2010

CONTROL = APPLICATION OF INFORMATION: The Vast Opportunities of Internationalism for Emerging Enterprises

The Vast Opportunities of Internationalism for Emerging Enterprises.

Going Global is not Unpatriotic - it may well be a powerful domestic stimulus and a "shot in the arm" for new and growing businesses and the United States economy.

Dear Colleagues, Members, Readers and Friends:

I have been accused on many occasions of being less than "patriotic" or "optimistic" when I have written about the vast possibilities available to entrepreneurial and emerging enterprises when they choose to "go global." For the record (I have been thinking of producing an album, but my market would be [ahem] very vertical]) I am not advocating swearing an oath against your native country, putting your neighbors out of work, or any such thing. I would like to see my native country (the United States of America) at full employment, with a declining budget deficit, and with a growing balance of net exports. Really.

Sadly, I am one of those Main Street Economists who believe that none of these noble objectives will be achieved simply by waiting for our government (as well-intended as they are, printing out currency and issuing incredible sovereign debt -- and with "unemployment" programs, overhauls and other noble objectives) or the large conglomerates who are "too big too fail" (but too 'cautious' to inject loans into growing companies, or to even give credit to consumers and small businesses whose owners don't have a combination of liquid dollar-for-dollar collateral and FICO credit scores higher than my SAT scores were when I was applying for college), or the the suddenly "profitable" smaller and medium=sized companies who are engaged in pre-suicidal profitablility syndrome.*

*NOTE: PRE-SUICIDAL PROFITABILITY SYNDROME is a Lingovation coined by Douglas Castle to describe a scenario where companies with declining sales in a declining marketplace with no resurgence in demand in sight ramp profits up by radically cutting costs -- largely personnel costs, or "jobs" as we regular folks call them. Profitability goes up solely by cutting both non-productive and productive costs. For a time, some shareholders (and some Wall Street hacks and quacks) are happy (hopefully they are slowly selling off their holdings) --- until a point is reached where costs cannot be further trimmed and revenues continue to decline. It is then that the "suicide point" has been reached - irreversible losses simply overtake the company. In the world of instant gratification, this is becoming increasingly common.

In a situation of PRE-SUICIDAL PROFITABILITY, short-term profitability is increased, in essence, by taking fired workers' paychecks, and transferring them over to the bottom line for "re-distribution" to the shareholders. It is every bit as productive as heating a log cabin by pulling off logs one by one and throwing them into the fireplace. -DC

As a patriot as well as an Internationalist, I want U.S. jobs, consumerism and prosperity, as well as some financial security for our nation's returning veterans, our chronically ill and unable to work, and our growing numbers of elderly who are barely able to work, but who no longer have adequate principal or income in their retirement and pension plans to allow them to retire after a lifetime of hard work.

I believe that these changes can only be brought about by the entrepreneurial sector (which cannot be allowed to atrophy any further), through their proactive and collaborative response to the real problem here: a lack of genuine productivity. The global marketplace is a study in arbitrage and opportunity -- they are sources of inexpensive production, efficient labor and growing consumerism (customers!).

If these sources can be utilized by our own enterprizing entrepreneurs through virtual export and international business divisions (much of this can be done through cyberspace, by web conferencing, by Skype... and very inexpensively), they can increase their markets, decrease some of their costs of manufacture, grow rapidly and become PRODUCTIVE.

And any growing business in the United States which can become truly productive will eventually (no matter what your uncle Phineas told you) become profitable, a domestic jobs creator (for those wishing to work while waiting for government magic), a bigger taxpayer, and a greater contributor to the prosperity of the U.S. economy.

If a number of entrepreneurial and emerging enterprises became resourceful, a bit more adventurous and went global, the ultimate result will be increased productivity, employment opportunities, business-to-business purchases, consumerism, government tax collections, and prosperity. If a U.S. - based company can use available international resources, the impact on the U.S. economy will, with some time be favorably impacted; if a multitude of such thought-leaders worked collaboratively, they (WE!) could accomplish what government and the industrial behemoths cannot seem to do -- that is to bring genuine, fundamental and lasting positive economic change to the U.S. Subsidies, bailouts, stimulus packages and government-created non-productive positions are neither massively patriotic nor productive.

We cannot borrow our way out of debt, and we cannot create real employment without new productivity and innovative competitiveness. Subsidies cannot accomplish anything except to delay the acknowledgment of failure.

In sum, the proposition is that by going global, U.S. emerging enterprises can actually do more for their country than by idle flag-waving, waiting for government contracts or other passive non-strategies.

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The key issues in going global are not merely a knowledge of international laws and treaties, tariffs, logistics and payment arrangements (our TNNWC experts can get that information for you)...the key issues are actually 1) having a trusted agent in your own country to act as your advisor and liaison and 2) having a well-regarded, well-connected, competent "native" agent in the country in which your want to conduct business who is not only trustworthy, but is an expert at all of the laws, customs and practices that will impact your business.

These two persons, one “at home” and one “in the field” are indispensible – and TNNWC™ will provide you with personal introductions to both of them through our Country Concierge Service™. They will immediately become part of your bank of international Human Resources. Highly knowledgeable, connected and trustworthy, they will become your powerful allies.

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Don't hide from reality -- exploit opportunity. It exists everywhere if you are proactive and do a bit of exploration.


Douglas Castle

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