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Monday, July 26, 2010

BLUE THING #2: TNNWC Product/Service of the Week

Michael Phillips

TNNWC™ Proudly Presents...

...BLUE THING #2 with our own Michael Phillips, Chief Innovation Officer

This week’s feature:

TNNWC’s Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program™

We respect your time…so here’s the…

Blue Bottom Line: (Why should I care? Why should I read on?)
  • You are seeking financing of $100,000USD to $10,000,000USD

  • You have, or are on target to achieve, annual revenues of $250,000 or more

  • Your traditional financing sources won’t give you the time of day

  • The terms from your current financing sources are exploitive

  • You want to retain ownership of your company

  • Avoid “Vulture Capitalists”

As a member of the TNNWC Group™ you have access to an entire suite of products and services to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, increase sales and profits, and……to obtain creative and reasonable financing that will keep you in control.

This week’s innovative featured solution, the TNNWC Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program™, is conceived and offered by the ever resourceful TNNWC Group™. If you are a developmental start-up, an emerging enterprise with rapid growth possibilities, or a smaller-sized company with aggressive plans for expansion, acquisition or a change in direction, you might be a candidate to receive venture or growth capital.

Financing Frustrations

If you need equity or some form of unconventional debt in order to build your business (possibly the next Google), you’ll be saddened to note that those few investment banking houses (which are not on any government watch list) doing actual private placements and public offerings are doing very, very few of them. They have become extremely selective. Don’t waste a telephone call (assuming that the telephone number is still connected) to an investment banking firm. Forget going on the traditional “road show” to private equity fund managers, hedge funds, wealth management firms, venture capital partnerships or other providers. This has become an exercise in futility......a waste of your valuable time and precious energy.

While “angel investors” are the best bet in terms of offering you capital to finance something that is largely conceptual but with a limited financial history, true angels are difficult to find and to qualify.

How Does This Program Work?

The most efficient and cost-effective solution to your venture and growth capital search may be through participation in the TNNWC Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program™. Through this unique program, a group of potential investee companies are pre-qualified and “bundled” together into a diversified portfolio. This entire portfolio is presented for sale to TNNWC Group’s network of private equity funds, hedge funds, institutional investors, wealth and asset managers and other direct providers of capital. The financing niche that is being targeted is that small portion (typically anywhere from 5% to 10%) of their managed assets which are allocated to “riskier” and “smaller” investments. This portion of investment capital represents hundreds of millions of dollars.

This program is a very conservative, very realistic, very intelligent approach to getting you, the applicant company, real financing, without your having to “sing and dance” on a road show to investment banking firms and venture capital funds who have limited appetites for any deals which don’t fit their narrow guidelines.

TNNWC Group™ is confident that this creative venture capital program will generate new funding sources for emerging enterprises that have not traditionally been made available. This challenging economy requires extraordinary solutions to meet your financing needs. The TNNWC Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program™ is an extraordinary, innovative solution that’s time has come.

How Can My Emerging Enterprise Qualify For This Program?

Here are some basic qualifying criteria and other information for every applicant company wanting to be part of The Program:

Preferred Financing Size Range

$100,000.00 USD (minimum request) to $10.0 million USD (maximum request).


Any industry except those which relate to weaponry, pornography, gambling or which foster or encourage violence or bigotry. It is preferred that applicants be businesses (both new and established) which generate revenues – even if they are operating at a temporary loss. In certain cases, financing may be available for a start-up or developmental stage enterprises which show technological promise.

If you are a start-up and you are involved in alternative clean energy, energy saving devices, preservation of the environment, water purification or wellness-centered technologies and therapies, you will likely be given special preference. If your start-up, developmental stage enterprise or established company can demonstrate the intention and projected potential to create significant employment opportunities, you will also be well-received. You may be in business-to-business services or products, manufacturing or assembling, licensing, wholesale or retail.


Fully international or multinational.

Annual Revenues (Turnover) Of Applicant Companies

For start-ups and developmental stage enterprises, an evaluation of market projections will be performed if you have not yet produced sales. For all other applicant companies, minimum annualized revenue of $250,000.00USD is preferred.

Entity Form and Ownership Status

Applicant companies must either be incorporated or be chartered as other equivalent limited liability forms of entities. They must be privately-held, and cannot have a government or governmental agency as one of the owners.

Years In Business

If you are not a start-up or a developmental stage enterprise, it is preferred that you have a minimum of two years of financial history. Your financial statements do not have to be audited, but they must be prepared by an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants or Chartered Accountants.

A Fair and Innovative Financing Structure

The applicant company receives the full infusion of proceeds directly at a closing, in return for one or a combination of the following types of consideration arrangements for the benefit of the investors/ benefactors:
  • Equity, and options to purchase equity (Note: this applies exclusively to start-ups and developmental stage enterprises, controlling/ majority interest remains with you);

  • Revenue-based royalties and a small percentage of equity;

  • Unsecured debt, repayable through revenue-based royalties instead of risk-adjusted (and onerous) fixed interest payments;

  • Secured debt (involving pledges of collateral business assets), repayable through revenue-based royalties instead of risk-adjusted (and onerous) fixed interest payments.

This revenue-based approach allows applicant companies considerable flexibility in controlling the scheduling and burden of repayment, and does not force them to present any exit strategy (typical of most techno-ventures) to permit the investors to recover their capital, or to “magically” obtain a meaningful rate of return. This approach is far less dilutive and confining than most VC arrangements… [You’ve no doubt heard the term, “vulture capital”…]

Where do I Sign?

Should this program be of interest to you, just fill out the application form (see link below), and return it with the requested documentation (which you will send via facsimile or email attachment) and the required processing fee.

Show Me the Money!

The timeframe from submission to acceptance is two to four weeks. The timeframe from submission to the closing of financing is generally three months or less, depending upon the applicant’s responsiveness and willingness to provide requested documentation (in good form) and answers to questions.

$$$$$ - If you need financing and have had no luck chasing traditional have little to lose and possibly much to gain by submitting your application to this new and creative venture capital program. -$$$$$

Click here for the TNNWC Emerging Enterprise Venture Capital Program™ Application

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