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Friday, July 10, 2009

U.S., ALASKA: Wild Women & Wild Alaska Salmon

By Stefanie Gorder, CTP, DS
Alaska Bureau Chief

Seafood Fanatics Unite!
Special free product offer to TNNW subscribers!

By: Stefanie Gorder, ctp, ds

Alaska attracts interesting characters from all walks of life that are looking to strike it rich in one way or another. For instance, in 1996 Floridian senior sisters Annette King and Jane Davis left the sunshine state for the wilds of Alaska. Their intention was to complete a consulting project and return back to the comfort of their life in the south. Now thirteen years into their northern trek and on the verge of retirement, they still live in Alaska and have struck it rich in friendships and a unique business opportunity started a short two years ago.

Annette did attempt to re-locate south several times, but the call of the north kept her coming back. She spent years working in the hospitality & fishing industries and began to dream of fulfilling a long-time desire to create a dynamic company promoting her love for Alaska and seafood. Jane on the other hand, did leave Alaska but was captivated enough to continually return during Alaska’s harshest season – winter. During family vacations to warmer climates, Annette and Jane began to make plans to create their own seafood packaging business, a company that would focus on family values and fresh Alaska treats. 2 Sisters Alaska Seafood opened their doors for business in 2007 and have grown quickly. Owned and operated by two over-energetic women, they hope to be an example to everyone that it is never too late to follow a dream.

Located in the heart of Alaska’s prime fishing area puts 2 Sisters Alaska Seafood at the front of their nationwide competitors. At every given chance, they work with local Alaska commercial fisherman and small regional businesses. The adorable intricate company logo was designed by Cindy Pendleton, a local Alaska artist and features two senior sisters in kuspuks pulling opposite sides of a bountiful fishing net. A kuspuk is a long sleeved hooded slip over shirt with large pockets traditionally worn by Alaska Native elders. They can be used for everyday wear and usually are made from a patterned fabric with short gathered skirts at the bottom.

The 2 Sisters logo is placed on all products, custom designed attire, bags and even ulus. An Ulu (pronounced – “ooloo”) knife is the most renowned knife in Alaska. Native people of northern Alaska invented it centuries ago and it was used for hunting, fishing, skinning, filleting and every other imaginable cutting need by the Inuit people. Aside from their incredible array of fishing products, the Ulu is one of the top selling gifts in their collection of offerings. Consumers from all over the world work with the 2 Sisters team to create custom packages meeting their needs. The big rush falls two weeks prior to any major holiday and Christmas and New Years packages are requested as early as September to avoid the rush. Even corporations are ordering major quantities for client holiday gifts!

Unlike most foods, seafood must be handled in a very particular way as it is extremely perishable. The fewer the hands, the better the fish! 2 Sisters Alaska Seafood is located at the wharf where boats come in to drop products off for processing. Due to their unique location, they not only get the best pick from the incoming batches but have the advantage of getting the product to doorsteps and dinner tables long before the handlers step in. Most seafood travels a grueling supply chain – going from warehouse to warehouse; thawing and refreezing; and being passed around a dozen times before it is sold to consumers. 2 Sisters strives to have the very best products which are superior to grocery store and price club offerings. Their Alaska trade secret is to take seafood fresh from the waters and ship overnight to consumers worldwide. Scrumptious!

Another advantage to direct orders from Alaska docks is the guarantee the seafood is WILD product. Caught in the icy cold waters of Alaska, consumers have the best quality and the healthiest options. Research shows that food rich in Omega 3 oils is beneficial to the heart and brain. Furthermore, studies show that wild Alaska salmon has the highest naturally occurring Omega 3 oil content of any fish. Combine two sweet and sassy seniors with WILD ALASKA SEAFOOD and this winning combination delivers every time!

Speaking of delivery, 2 Sisters Alaska Seafood is extending a special offer to the TTNW distinguished readership! Order from the website and receive a sample of other Alaskan gift items (i.e. wild jam, jellies, mustards, etc.). Be sure to reference this article (TTNW) when checking out under “how did you hear about us?”, and they will include a treat at NO CHARGE! Another terrific offering from The National Networker! YES! Expand your seafood horizons further by signing up for their email specials and receive notices twice a week featuring specials. Every order also receives glossy recipe cards for fresh preparation ideas. Order 8 pounds or more and receive FREE Overnight Shipping. 2 Sisters Alaska Seafood offers the best possible seafood at the best possible prices.

As a connoisseur of their products since the beginning, here are a few personal favorites to get your taste buds moving. Be sure to check out their website for additional options.

Wild Salmon
Caught just miles from processing, wild salmon is bled and iced before being cut into convenient one pound portions. Vacuum sealed and flash frozen to lock in all the delicious and healthy juices; this is the best wild salmon available anywhere in the world.

Wild Halibut
Only medium sized halibut produce the sweet, tender white meat that halibut fans enjoy. Skinless and boneless, their halibut provides a light, healthy alternative for seafood dieters. Halibut also provides customers with a true Alaskan treat - halibut cheeks! About the size of a jumbo scallop, the halibut cheek is cut from just behind the neck of the fish, giving you the sweetest, most tender whitefish available. It’s absolutely heavenly!

King Crab Legs
The Grand Daddy of Alaska seafood! They only sell Jumbo King Crab Legs, each weighing around a pound. High in protein and low in fat, king crab is harvested in the deepest, most remote waters in the world. These are what you see on "Alaska's Deadliest Catch", and are best when flown direct to you from the docks in wild Alaska. Don't be fooled, King Crab flown direct from Alaska is an experience every seafood lover should enjoy!

Local Alaskans traditionally head into the waters to find their own catch of the day; however, when it comes to smoked salmon, 2 Sister’s smoked product cannot be beat! All smoked product is naturally alder smoked over a wood fire the old fashioned way – no chemicals, no chips, and no preservatives. They have alder smoked, lemon pepper and my personal favorite, honey smoked salmon. Each is packaged and vacuum sealed in approximately 1/2 pound packages. They also offer whole alder smoked fillets and smoked black cod. It’s a perfect snack by itself or serve with crackers and brie for a decadent treat!

With the business off the ground, Annette and Jane now take time to balance their lives through living an adventurous lifestyle. Each summer they hike the mountainous terrain of the Kenai Peninsula and in winter trade hiking boots for snow shoes. Annette still hops on motorcoaches full of visitors to entertain with stories of the north. Jane took up ice skating and knits to fill the long winter months. While fish is their business, they discovered early on they enjoy sportsfishing on the peaceful rivers and lakes. During their first “combat” fishing trip to the Russian River, they were shoulder to shoulder with fishermen. That is, until the others figured out these two ladies had no clue what to do and the crowd quickly parted to allow full access. Their lives are a far cry from the Innkeeper and EEG Technician status of their past.

Annette and Jane. Two sisters that arrived in the north as cheechakos, an endearing Alaskan term for newcomers; and now are sourdoughs, two old-time Alaskans who can survive the harsh elements that captivated them years ago.

For more information on 2 Sisters Alaska Seafood including products and free recipes, please see and follow them on Twitter @2AlaskaSeafood. Stay tuned next month as Stefanie breaks away from the north and showcases an American treasure.


Stefanie Gorder, ctp, ds
Owner, marketing Cents

Twitter: @StefanieGorder

For more information, please visit Stephanie's TNNW Bio.
Posted to THE NATIONAL NETWORKER (TNNW). All rights reserved.

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