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Saturday, June 06, 2009

TNNW Bulletin and Updates, June, 2009, Week 1

Major Developments, Forward Motion, Events and Actionable Items: TNNW - We ARE Networking
June 6, 2009
Bulletin # 18

*We are a unique organization that offers our Subscribers and Members: 1) fabulous information, insight and intelligence in our Newsletter and through our continuous RSS and Email Feeds, 2) an unparalleled suite of services and products for making you personally and professionally successful, and 3) an actual interpersonal community where Human Beings work together in cooperation and synergy to achieve exponential returns.

When you become a Member of TNNW you haven't merely joined a list, or gotten access to products and've joined a Strategic Alliance. We are an organization dedicated to making our Members successful.

THE NATIONAL NETWORKER is more than talk about networking and media -- we are about connections, team-bulding, personal introductions, constructive interactivity and RELATIONSHIPS.

  • Our free Newsletter: The highest quality standard in the industry -

  • Our Suite of Services For Members: Unparalleled quality, utility and value -

  • Our Community: We are an international organization, comprised of Subscribers and Members who truly interact, communicate, build strong relationships and promote and support each other for every individual's financial and social benefit. Relationship Capital.



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Visit, and FAVORITIZE. We have UPDATED our listing of advertisers, affiliates and services. There are some deep promotional discounts and other advantages exclusively for TNNW subscribers. Look for ChapterTracker, Andy Lopata's 2 CD set, and, of course for Douglas Castle's exciting, self-serving and extremely bothersome new ad for THE CASTLE CONSULTANCY. If you are curious as to what Douglas does (outside of TNNW) -- He works very closely with young, growing enterprises on strategic planning and development. He is relentless, determined and demanding; on the bright side, he has good table manners. Visit DOUGLAS CASTLE PUSHES PEOPLE TOO HARD, for more details. Visit - but don't visit alone.

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4. FACT: HOW YOU DEAL WITH FEAR WILL MAKE YOU EITHER A LOSER OR A WINNER - Christine West's Critically-Acclaimed Webinar Series.
The primary motivating force in most people's lives is FEAR. People respond more readily to fear than to opportunity. Fear holds us back, inhibits us, makes us indecisive, attracts negative energies (misery loves company), and keeps us from reaching our potential, both personally and in business.

Question: Are you going to saddle up and ride the shark... or be eaten by it?

Question: Are you going to surf on the tidal wave or be crushed by the tsunami?

Question: Can you possibly think of any more ridiculous metaphors than these? If so, you might consider becoming an Newsletter editor for The National Networker.

TNNW Featured Columnist, noted consultant and speaker, Christine West is hosting a fabulous five-part webinar series called How To Master The Fear In Challenging Economic Times. The series begins in July -- it was originally scheduled to begin on June 9, but we thought that if we deferred it, your anxiety level would be increased.

Subscribe today for this 5-part webinar series at MASTER THE FEAR. Don't let the self-imposed limitations of fear stand between you and complete business and financial success. Invest in your future today! Christine West is a brilliant social scientist -- give yourself the gift of conquering your fears forever.

Seminar-related materials will be widely-circulated during the next several days -- you will need to register early. How you deal with fear can transform every aspect of your life.

Whether or not you are aware of it, fear has kept you from achieving many of your has kept you from maximizing your life's potential and realizing the victory and success that you deserve. Christine will teach you how to 1) identify those times when you may be making a dangerous fear-based decision; 2) set the fear aside and proceed confidently; and 3) how to see the fear in others and to change the way in which you communicate in order to gain their confidence.

***To hear a sample voice clip of Christine West, simply click on:

Note: If you do not believe that you are being motivated by fear, and you are not convinced that your responses to fear have allowed you to be manipulated and have limited your success, then you are in a state of denial! Real fear can be very subtle, and very elusive. We are conditioned from birth to be fearful, and we must absolutely be professionally trained to 1) recognize when we are being influenced by fear, and 2) to react constructively and positively despite it. You, you friends, your colleagues, your employees...every individual needs this special training. SIGN UP FOR THE WEBINAR. It will change your life. What are you afraid of? --DC


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Enjoy the articles, and enjoy all of our TNNW sites. We have so much to offer each other. Let's get to know each other. Let's actually build solid relationships. Let's become friends. Let's help one another to prosper. Nobody does it completely alone. Get proactive. Build your Relationship Capital with THE NATIONAL NETWORKER. Write to us or comment on an article to get the ball rolling. We are a community, and our numbers and influence are growing.


Adam J. Kovitz* (mostly) and Douglas Castle (to a lesser extent).

*Adam J. Kovitz seeks gratification constantly (the result of some unresolved childhood issues -- we all have them), and he loves to see his name in print, unless it is on utility bills, subpoenas to testify before Congress, and so forth. Please help assuage him. Pander to him -- it wouldn't hurt. Mention his name on your websites, blogs, newsletters, communion invitations, Bingo cards, restroom stall grafitti and such. As for me, I'll shall endeavor to carve Adam's name into a tree! I hope that Adam's next-door neighbor won't be too upset.

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