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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Markeing Minds E-Newsletter on "Podcasting"

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Articles To Help Your Business:

Podcast Tip: Design the podcast keeping in mind the taste of your audience. Know your audience well before you design your podcast. You can make an appealing podcast only if you know what your audience actually wants.


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Meet David Wolf!
This podcast interview with David Wolf, Owner Of SmallBiz America Radio, talks about podcasting and other Web 2.0 ways to market your business.

This time, David Wolf is the one in the hot seat as Eric sits down to pick his brain. Wolf, a composer and producer of audio content for many corporate clients such as Southwest Airlines, Pepsi, and Texas Instruments, currently produces Smallbiz America, a national syndicated radio feature and website venue that spotlights small business people and the many experts that help them.
Click Here To Listen

Square 2 Marketing Featured on CN8! Interview With Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Keiles, on CN8.

Dave De Witt, of De Witt Investment Research, and James Butler, of Videre Asset Management, talk about small business and interview Eric Keiles about marketing on the Internet and deal with tracking, Reality Marketing, and three step marketing in helping businesses to grow.

To watch the tape of the show originally broadcast on CN8 locally, click here.

Meet NY Times Best-Selling Author, Jeffrey Fox!
Sales Strategies of a Rainmaker with Jeffrey Fox Podcast

Winner of Sales & Marketing Management magazine's Outstanding Marketer Award, Fox has worked for 20 years with clients in more than 60 industries to help promote new products, raise marketing productivity and speed the pace of innovation.
Listen to this new podcast with CMO, Eric Keiles, and learn ways to increase your close ratio, "dollarize" your product or service and how to beat the pants off your competition.
Click Here.

Make your website work for you in 2008!
Most websites were created many years ago and now lack the marketing components necessary to compete in today's online marketplace. Schedule a free consultation to talk about yours today by clicking here.

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Podcasting as a Modern Marketing Tool
Podcasting is among the modes of information distribution that help to stimulate consumer action by generation of awareness through the Internet. Emails, websites and podcast directories help propagate marketing messages in a digital format that is easily accessible through podcasts. Many of the thousands of Internet users who receive these messages end up buying the services or products promoted therein.

Some of the money that was earlier being spent by companies on television and radio advertisements is now being channeled into alternatives available online. Podcasting has become an integral part of any plan for marketing online... Click Here To Finish Article

Podcasting: What is it and How to Begin it?
Podcasting is the latest trend online and it keeps on improving everyday. It is the result term for combining the two words iPod and broadcasting.

Adam Curry and Dave Winer are two persons credited to the development of podcasting. Curry was the one who wrote a program that he called iPodder. iPodder allows him to download internet radio broadcast right into his iPod automatically. Click Here To Finish Article

Podcast Marketing
Podcasting has the ability to be a successful means of promotion for your website. It has allowed people to target markets more carefully than ever before, giving the consumer the choice on whether or not to listen to your podcast.

By targeting the correct market, and communicating an informative message, a podcast can have a very effective conversion rate of listeners into customers. Marketing via podcast has become popular for those who are looking to advertise and promote their products, or themselves. Click Here To Finish Article

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Website of the Month!

Maggie Tales, instant StorytimeTM for kids - combines children's picture books, voice narrations, original music with page turns to create a fun and enriching Storytime experience anytime, anywhere!
Click Here To Check It Out

Case Study: Business Podcast Marketing Proves Results
Podcasting has significant business marketing potential. If the business podcast strategy and online visibility plan is properly executed, podcasting has the potential to be a marketing tool that delivers great marketing results.

The professional business marketers over at have just released a new case study titled "How to Use a Podcast to Promote a White Paper That Generates New Business Sales Leads". This case study is about how Bearing Point used podcasting to promote a white paper and saw sign up rates of over 30% versus a traditional 10%. This is a 200% increase over traditional marketing techniques.

Here is a short excerpt...
Click Here To Read Case Study

Search Engine Optimization
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