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Sunday, December 24, 2006

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As the NetWorking lifestyle takes my work through the states in my area, I’ve met some interesting people and great individuals...Recently I talked with Brian Alcorn, BNI executive director, who leads 12 successful BNI chapters. He’s also on the board of directors of the South Charleston Chamber of Commerce, , in West Virginia, and owns a successful company in southwestern Virginia.

Recently I had the pleasure of talking with Dean Lindsay, founder of and author of Cracking the Networking Code. Based just outside Dallas, Lindsay is an expert in helping others reach the next level in networking excellence...“Turn people onto you by tuning into them,” he says. To do this, “Get interested in them: their needs, their lives, their interests. Share in their successes.”

Sometimes it is easy to forget that not all networking is devoted directly toward pursuing new business for yourself or your company. A lot of time devoted to networking is actually spent communicating with colleagues or peers. This includes those people who are in the same line of work as you, and who may even be your competitors.

Our world has broadened from a local marketplace to a global arena. As those borders blur, the increasingly diverse networks impact the social and financial condition of communities and commerce...Networks have evolved from being the “melting pot” (where every ingredient blends and loses its own identity) to being more like a “salad bowl” (where each individual ingredient stands well on its own and compliments the other ingredients to create spectacular taste). It’s this individuality of ingredients that we’ll explore in our journey into minority-based networking.

I recently spoke with internationally renowned artist Jody Bergsma, from Bellingham, Wa. ( Jody’s income is in the top three percent of all Americans. She has mastered the means of securing a consistent and rewarding income from her art...Creating a wide selection of items that includes illustrated children’s books, gift bags, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and greeting cards has enabled Jody to broaden her impact while freeing her to paint the original works that have been so avidly collected during her 35-year career. Her decision to sell her licensing option to companies such as WalMart and Target was so lucrative that she was recently able to close her retail gallery after 20 years.

If you are someone who is looking for an exceptional individual to network with, then Bob Neal certainly should be considered. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he continues to develop his rolodex in both the sports and business worlds...Bob Neal is a man of many endeavors. He is president of Bob Neal Media, a company engaged in television/radio, commercial production, and media training. Additionally, he is a partner in Millenia3, a national television production, distribution and trafficking company.

Who you are, in or out of the workplace, is key to any networking relationship you build with yourself, your friends, or your colleagues...When our actions are not consistent, they create confusion for us and for those we network with. So who are we—really? The person at home, the person who attends a social gathering, or the one who shows up for work: if these people are not the same, it eventually takes its toll. Changing personalities also wastes time and reduces effectiveness.


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Peace, Love and Hope for the Best Year Ever!

-Wendy L. Kovitz, Cyberian of Networking

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