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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Holistic Employment Service


Holistic Employment Service for Healthy Businesses – Big and Small

Did you see the cover of Newsweek, July 17, 2006? The New Greening of America: from politics to lifestyle, why saving the environment is hot. Funny, for some of us, it has been a way of life.

A new powerful consumer group being dubbed, Lifestyle of Health & Sustainability (LOHAS) is similar to the previously named Baby Boomers and Generation X. Mainstream companies are seeing the potential of this once grass-roots industry and want a piece of it.

Traditional marketing and advertising executives and agencies have advised their clients to shy away from the LOHAS community, because it used to be a low-yield market. That is certainly changing if you check the statistics found on According to their studies, the current LOHAS community is a powerhouse growing market with deep pockets amounting to $228 billion. Armed with that statistic, it doesn’t take too much market research to convince those same executives to gear efforts and products to attract some of this revenue.

The gap between big business and this growing movement is closing rapidly. LOHAS-minded executives come to the table with responsible business practices such as environmental care, balancing family and work, and an awareness of the need and benefits of supporting personal growth. Whereas mainstream business focuses on structure, strategy, business planning, generating revenue, and accountability. Blended these two different disciplines make a potent recipe for success.

Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Financial and similar industries have been utilizing employment services for years and their bottom lines show it.

Enter Natural Life Employment Services (NLES), a recruitment firm specializing in businesses serving the LOHAS market. Lynda J. Mastronardo and Susan L. Olson, have founded NLES to help bridge that gap. NLES is among the first recruiting agencies to address the LOHAS niche, bringing their own unique blend of natural lifestyle choices and traditional corporate and professional backgrounds.

“Understanding that the people you hire today will define your company’s tomorrow, NLES strives to unearth the most talented professionals that meet the “soul” of our clients’ businesses, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of growing their business,” said Mastronardo.

Employees want more balance between work & family, while aligning their careers with their ideals, and savvy employers see the benefits of supporting these values. Just chart the amazing success of progressive companies like Starbucks, Ben & Jerry’s, and Whole Foods to see how this formula can work. Companies want hard workers that will go the extra mile for them, and understand that if their employees are happy they will do that.

As with any industry, recruiting has its challenges. Olson explains, “a good recruiter has the ability to unearth the gems, those individuals who wouldn’t necessarily be looking for employment opportunities. We have found that people are willing speak to an unbiased, confidential third party about utilizing their unique talents with a company that respects them and has a vision for growth. Some of these professionals are ready for their next challenge and ask us for assistance in moving forward. While others have been the product of down-sizing and need to let potential new companies know of their abilities.”

Employing traditional business sense, NLES strives to help companies with their bottom line in creating an efficient way of saving time, money, and resources. NLES makes an effort to understand the culture and environment of the company and the specific needs of the position needing to be filled. On the other side, they comb through hundreds of qualified candidates to make the best matches possible.

“When we started this, we knew there was a need, but we were nearly overwhelmed with the amount of resumes that came through. We planned to start slow, but had to gear up much quicker than anticipated, which is great!” exclaimed Mastronardo.

If you are a LOHAS business or a potential employee of one and want to find out more about NLES, visit their website or call 866.410.NLES (6537).

Lynda J. Mastronardo

Phone: 908.222.9475
Fax: 908.222.9475
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