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Monday, November 06, 2006

TNNW Week of 11/5/2006

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Big Business NetWorking, Part 1: Crossing the Divide, by Adam J. Kovitz, Editor-in-Chief
Did you ever wonder why the CEOs of Fortune 100 companies don’t regularly show up at your Chamber of Commerce to hob-nob with the local printer or flower shop?

I certainly have pondered this for sometime as the owner of my own small business. As a consultant, speaker, coach and trainer, I tend to enjoy working with member-based organizations, small companies and entrepreneurial start-ups, although I have done work for larger organizations and even worked for large corporations prior to 2000. But during some of those early days I wondered, like many do, how my small business can get in the door to big business. One of the more obvious questions to me was, “where does big business NetWork, what does it look like and how do they do it?”

Husband and Wife NetWorking Team, by Kathy and Louis Emond, New England Bureau Chiefs
When we sat down to decide what we would write about our first article, it was obvious that Debbie and Mike Roberts would be first on the list. Debbie and Mike are the owners of BNI franchises (Business Networking International for those who are not yet familiar with the organization) in New Hampshire, Maine, and two Florida regions. BNI is the premier networking organization, and Debbie and Mike built their personal organization by, how else, networking.

Mabuhay with Aloha, by Sandy McKee, Hawaiian Bureau Chief
“Mabuhay!” is a Philippine greeting in which one wishes another well. I’m told it means “To Life!” or “To Live!” The first group of Filipinos arrived in Hawai’i 100 years ago in 1906. The men came to work as laborers on the sugar cane and pineapple plantations so they could provide for their families back in the Philippines. Eventually, the women and children followed them to the Islands. Today, the Filipinos in Hawai’i are celebrating their Centennial and are well on their way to becoming the largest ethnic group in the state. Many have prospered and entered the business world, or become respected doctors, lawyers, teachers, and more. Hawai’i elected the first Filipino-American state governor, Ben Cayetano, in 1994.

Mortgage Pros Taking NetWorking to a New Level, by Tracy Percival, Real Estate Editor
Most mortgage professionals network in a traditional way, joining their local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc. These groups tend to have a lot of competition for the mortgage professional, but can be a great way to get started in the business and may even get a lead or better yet, a loan- Woohoo!

I have found one successful mortgage company who tries to stay ahead of their competition, who thinks outside of their box, and who “creates” new approaches to networking. Their name…. Garden State Mortgage Corporation (GSM) They are one of the few mortgage companies that I have encountered that has unique approaches to networking.

New Program Teaches How to Build Relationships, by Bill Doerr, Sales and Marketing Editor
A new program, that helps business owners build relationships that support their personal growth and achieve their business goals, is currently being rolled out around the country.
The “Focused Growth Workshop” is a joint venture between Keith Ferazzi, CEO of Ferazzi Greenlight and Ken Cook, Managing Director of Peer to Peer Advisor.

How to Find Your Love Online (In Half the Time), Part 2, by Nancy Laine, Social NetWorking Editor
Editor's note: This is the second in a series of articles dedicated to helping YOU find the love of your life with brilliance, ease and grace---BEFORE you turn 80!!]

If you're like me, your entire life--especially your social life!-- revolves around Networking. And my very favorite folks to socialize with these days are the ones who often use phrases like "The Law of Attraction" or "Thoughts Are Things", and their favorite movies tend to include "The Secret", "Down The Rabbit Hole", "Conversations With God" and "The Peaceful Warrior".

(You know the type? like them, TOO?)

Women For Hire, by David Carman, Career Transition Editor
When in transition and networking for your next big opportunity, jobseekers have a wide variety of options. For starters, you might attend job ministries at your local church, career resource centers, local chambers of commerce or trade associations. Another possibility is to be on the lookout for job fairs that periodically come to your town.

Recently, I attended a career expo held by the ‘Women-For-Hire’ organization at Navy Pier in Chicago. ‘Women- For-Hire’ ( promotes itself as “the leading women's and diversity career recruitment specialist, offering comprehensive products and services exclusively for top employers in every field that support and enhance your company's commitment to diversity.” The purpose of these events is to bring together and connect highly talented professional women with recruiters and hiring managers from the top corporations in America.

Power Thought of the Month
Extinguish NetWork Burnout, by Patricia Parham, Ph.D., Contributing Writer

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- Wendy L. Kovitz

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