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Sunday, November 12, 2006

TNNW Week of 11/12/2006

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Ready, Set, Go Make Money!
by GLEN GOULD, Southeast Bureau Chief
Anyone who meets Wendy Kinney ( will soon hear this admonition. With an infectious personality, a playful laugh, and her trademark hat, Wendy encourages small business professionals to get ready, set and go make money. But don’t be fooled by her happy go lucky attitude – Wendy Kinney and Powercore have the goods and mean business.

Valuable Live Events with a Twist
by LORI RICHARDSON, Northwest Bureau Chief
There is an event strategy that is building here in the West that has collaborators from everywhere smiling – due to a simple concept with such big possibilities.
The concept is to create a "triple-win" for three separate groups – an area business association of your choice, their constituents, and "up-and-coming" bright business speakers and leaders.

Honoring Children
by MEIRA FINDEL, Health & Wellness Editor
A year ago I met a woman named Francie Canter through networking. I don’t know of many people with a more compassionate heart than Francie. Her warmth and generosity fills the universe with love.

Francie is gathering healers for two amazing events in November: Universal Children’s Day at the United Nations and World Day For the Prevention of Child Abuse at Columbia University, in New York City.
Religion & Politics Do Mix: Part 1
by MATTHEW BEST, Political Editor
It’s said that politics and religion do not mix well. After interviewing Nichola Torbett, the National Organizer for the Network of Spiritual Progressives, I found the exact opposite to be the case – In the world of networking, religion (or rather spirituality) and politics compliment each other very well.

An Underestimated Women's NetWorking Group
by KENDA-LE PERNIN, Women's Editor
When we are considering what women’s organization we are going to join to boost our business success, we typically look for groups like E-Women Network, The Joy of Connecting, ABWA, or Women in Technology. Most women do not even consider the resources which are available in their children’s Parent Association at school. Now parent associations are not designed to be “women networking” groups and are open for fathers to be members. However, the majority of these parent associations are made up of women and are a valuable resource into your community. The other common thought around these organizations is that mainly non-working mothers attend them so how could they possibly support me in my business. This article is going to bust both of these common misconceptions and hopefully encourage you to take action into utilizing this great cache of contacts.

Creativity in NetWorking: The Power of Four
by HARVEY MATHASON, Contributing Writer

People, Power & Possibilities: Synchronicity
by DONNA FISHER, Contributing Writer

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