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Monday, August 14, 2006

"The Right Choice, Part 1", by Candy Webb

The National NetWorker Blog Candy Webb, NetWork Marketing Editor for The National NetWorker, shares her years of experience. Her four part series talks about making the right choice of companies.
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Debbie Amon said...

I advertise with ‘The National Networker’ and would like to comment on a compensation system that works well for me. I feel the most misunderstood compensation plan in Network Marketing is – THE BINARY PLAN. I feel the Binary compensation system is the easiest system for anyone to build and develop. Here are some of the reasons I feel this way.

According to widely accepted statistics the average Distributor sponsors 2.7 people.
Clearly this fact alone has huge significance. In essence; it means the difference between success and failure for the majority of people who venture into this industry!
In the Binary, if Distributors can just bring in 2 and teach those to do the same, they can achieve success. There is nothing easier than building only 2 legs

Another BIG advantage to the Binary plan is the additional placement made by sponsoring more than 2 distributors. After I’ve sponsored my first 2 Distributors – all additional Distributors I sponsor fall below my original 2 Distributors – which in turn adds to their volume!

This generates a wonderful sense of team work - which builds excitement - which in turn feeds on itself as demonstrated by the incredible growth Binaries are known for.
What could be better?

A lot of other plans require that you develop up to 5 legs wide in order to earn from sales 5,6 or 7 levels in depth. You have to admit that building five legs requires significantly more work because you must splinter your focus, time, & energy among a few teams rather than just two teams. Aren’t our lives busy enough & complicated enough already?

In the Binary plan there is a fair dispersion of income compared to the other plans. Since successful upline Distributors place new Distributors in their downline, Sales Volume is distributed to entire lines of people. This means that the commissions being paid on Volume end up being spread out more evenly among entire groups of Distributors.

Lastly, a lot of binaries allow 1/3 and 2/3 balance per each side. If you have one side that takes off faster than the other, GREAT - as your volume will in most plans hold for you and never flush. In those cases the Distributor would only have one leg to focus their attention on building to earn Volume Commissions.

We have known people in other plans who have worked like dogs to build their organization only to see the real money just out of reach because they are limited in the levels of depth they can benefit from. With the binary your volume is not limited to levels, so you are just as happy to place someone on you 100th level as you were your 1st.

We’ve worked a good variety of the ‘other plans’ and in our experience the Binary Plan allows people to work together in a much more synergistic manner; which pays off in numerous ways – including higher incomes for the greatest number of Distributors.

Debbie Amon

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